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Beacon Cycling Concierge Service
BEACON CYCLING in Northfield, NJ will provide logistic support for your triathlon bike when attending DELMO SPORTS events in Southern New Jersey. Please complete a reservation form prior to purchasing this service. Included in our package service is the following: (1) Receive your shipped bicycle for race day ready performance. (2) Set Up- and perform a pre-race safety inspection on your bike. (3) Deliver your bike to the race event the morning of the event. (4) Post-Race acceptance of your bike. (5) Break Down/pack and shipping of your bike for its return home or to your designated location using your shipping label. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SERVICE STILL REQUIRES A SHIPPING SELECTION USING OUR SHOPPING CART! -PLEASE CHOOSE STANDARD IN ORDER TO COMPLETE A TRANSACTION EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO SHIPPING INVOLVED! THANK YOU!
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