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SRAM Red eTap Group with Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Without wires or cables, SRAM designed a simpler way to shift with the nearly flawless RED eTap, and now, the intuitive simplicity of the eTap system is available with the added performance of hydraulic road disc brakes (HRD). The SRAM RED eTap HRD shift-brake control offers the world’s first wireless drivetrain with SRAM's most advanced HRD platform yet, HydroHC. Simpler shifting, better braking—all in the name of true advancement. - Easy to install on any frame; compatible with all SRAM road 22 speed cranks, cassettes and chains. - Includes two 160mm Centerline two-piece six-bolt rotors In the Box: - Red eTap Front Derailleur w/ Battery - Red eTap Rear Derailleur w/ Battery - Red eTap HRD Right Shifter with Caliper - Red eTap HRD Left Shifter with Caliper - eTap Battery Charger and Power Cord - USB Stick and QuickStart Guide
Shimano DURA- ACE 25th Anniversary Issue Component Group
Shimano has released only 1000 of these sets to North America. If you are a collector or someone that just likes the best, than this is for you. This group is almost too beautiful to put on your bike. The Dura-Ace name speaks for itself. You can feel the quality and see the attention to detail when you hold the parts. It is quality that has made Dura-Ace successful for 25 years. The shifts are very fast and accurate with a smooth action. The refined dual pivot brakes stop on a dime even in wet conditions. The bearings of the bottom bracket and hubs are smooth. The new SPDR pedal locks your foot to the pedal better than anything we have tried. The components are based on the 1999 Dura-Ace 7700 series components, but there are significant differences. Component surfaces have been hand polished to a mirror like finish and more titanium hardware is used throughout the group. Each components is also identified with a special 25th Anniversary emblem. Detailed specifications are provided with the group. The components are packaged in ready-to-display condition in a handsome aluminum presentation case which also provides ample protection for long term storage. The package also includes a book which details the history of the group, briefly explains the manufacturing process, and provides comments from the people who have been closely involved with Dura-Ace over the years. When Dura-Ace first appeared in Europe, cycling enthusiasts thought there was little chance a Japanese component maker could make inroads into the conservative and tradition-bound sport of professional bicycle racing. Much to everyone’s surprise, Shimano’s commitment to quality, innovative engineering, and attention to the needs of racing cyclists resulted in Dura-Ace becoming a very popular and well respected component group. It is estimated that more than 60 percent of high-end road racers are now riding Dura-Ace. The dependability and functionality of the components are integral to the performance of the racing bicycle and the athlete riding it. Dura-Ace is designed to create a highly efficient link between the racer and the bicycle. It’s an interface that allows racing cyclists to concentrate more on the race, and less on controlling the bicycle. As a result, Dura-Ace is now recognized by road racers and cycling enthusiasts around the world as the performance standard for racing components.
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