Trek Trailer Recall

A safety issue has arisen with some Trek bicycle trailers when converted into joggers or strollers. In some rare situations, parts called the Hollow Plug Glides, may fail causing the handlebars to separate from the trailer, which might lead to injury to the occupant(s). If your Trek trailer meets the criteria below, please stop using it immediately and return it to us for a free retrofit. If you've sold your trailer, please contact the new owner and advise them of this retrofit program.

Affected Trailers

Transit (Part #65949)
Transit Jogging Stroller Kits (Part #65952)
Transit Deluxe (Part #65950)
Transit Deluxe Jogging Stroller Kits (Part #65953)
Rocket (Part #65235)
Stroller Kits (Part #65951)

This issue affects all Trek Rocket carriers because they are all sold as jogging strollers. It affects the other trailers only if a jogging or stroller conversion kit has been installed. Also, only trailers with serial numbers ranging from 08/97 - 0000 through 12/00 - 1600 are affected. The serial number is on a white decal located on the lower frame behind the seat. Only conversion kits with the Wrist Safety Strap attached to a one-piece handlebar are affected. However, as a cautionary measure, this retrofit program extends to all affected trailers even if they have not been converted for jogger or stroller use.

What To Do If Your Trailer Is Affected

At no cost to you, we will replace both Hollow Plug Glides and, depending on the model and conversion kits that you own, may replace the Wrist Safety Strap.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for addressing this important issue. Questions? Please contact us or Chariot Carriers Inc. at 1-800-755-6817.