Trek Girls' MT220 Bicycle Recall

Trek Bicycle Corporation has announced a safety recall of the Trek Girls' MT220 bicycle. If you own a Trek Girls' MT220 bicycle, please stop using it immediately and bring it in for us to inspect.

Bikes without the gusset are recalled (see Figure 1).

If you have any questions, please bring your bicycle in for us to check.

All owners of the Girls' MT220 that registered the bicycle with Trek will be notified by Trek of this recall.

If you are unsure if your Girls' MT220 bicycle is affected, please come by our shop or call Trek's special MT220 Girls' bicycle recall hotline at 1-800-373-4594.

If your Girls' MT220 bicycle is affected by the recall, we will give you a replacement Girls' MT220 or a $100 credit towards the purchase of another Trek bicycle of your choice.