Look Carbostems Recall

Dear Cyclist:

We would like to share important safety information regarding LOOK Carbostems, for which Veltec Sports, Inc. is the sole authorized United States distributor. Although they've received no reports of breakage, accidents or injuries in the United States, Veltec has been informed by the manufacturer, Look Cycle International, of Nevers, France, that they have experienced cracks in some of these stems and that they desire to recall all potentially affected units. A broken stem may cause the handlebars to loosen and result in a rider losing control or falling.

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Veltec has instituted a recall of all potentially affected LOOK Carbostems. In order to accomplish this task most effectively, and to keep you fully informed, we've attempted to answer the questions we anticipate from you as follows:

Why is this recall being conducted?
Even though Veltec has seen no product failures in the United States, they are recalling all potentially affected products because they do not meet LOOK's high quality standards and because a broken stem can lead to serious injury.

What stems are covered by this recall program?
This program affects only LOOK Carbostems, in all sizes (L90, L100, L110, L120 and L130) which were shipped between July and November 2001. Only 59 units are involved in this recall. No other models or products are involved. Later-manufactured stems, which can be identified by a dimple in the front face of the stem as indicated in the photo, are not the subject of this recall. Recalled stems do not have this dimple. All LOOK Carbostems without the dimple must be returned whether or not they are broken.

Left: LOOK Carbostem:
Right: Return your stem only if it does not have this dimple.

What should I do with my LOOK Carbostem?
If you have a LOOK Carbostem without a dimple on the front face, please return it to the LOOK Cycle Authorized Retailer from whom it was purchased, who will make arrangements for you to receive a full refund of your purchase price or a replacement unit, at your option. Note: We will only be handling recalls for stems that were purchased from us.

If the LOOK Cycle Authorized Retailer from whom you purchased your LOOK Carbostem is not convenient to you, please call Veltec's toll-free customer service number, 800-991-0070, to make alternative arrangements.

It's not broken. Can I continue to ride on my LOOK Carbostem?
You should stop using your LOOK Carbostem immediately. We have heard of no failures of this product in the United States, but a broken stem may cause the handlebars to come loose and result in a rider losing control or falling. If you have friends who use this product, please advise them of this recall as well.

How do I get more information?
Please call Veltec's toll-free customer service number at 800-991-0070 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Pacific time Monday through Friday. Written inquiries may be faxed to (831) 393-8495 or mailed to Veltec Sports, Inc., at 1793 Catalina Street, Sand City, California 93955.