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2002 Specialized Enduro Recall

Specialized is recalling more than 2,500 Enduro FSR bikes after receiving 39 reports of seatstays breaking. The recall involves all four 2002 Enduro models: the silver Pro FSR, the black Expert, the yellow Comp FSR and the blue FSR. If you own one of these bikes, stop riding it immediately! The 39 breakages reported were on the aluminum seatstay that connects the rear axle to the rear shock, not at the welds.

Enduro Pro FSR

The Enduro Pro FSR in silver.

Enduro Expert FSR

The Enduro Expert FSR in black.

Enduro Comp FSR

The Enduro Comp FSR in yellow.

Enduro FSR

The Enduro FSR in blue.

Specialized dealers sold these models between September 2001 and February 2002. If you own an affected model, or are not sure whether your bike is affected, contact us, or your closest Specialized dealer, to arrange for a seatstay replacement.

You also may contact the Specialized Warranty Department directly at (800) 214-1468.