Road Bike Rentals

We rent road bikes for $75/day. We offer a valet service for select events for $40. With this service we will transport the bike to and from the event for you.

If you are interested in renting a bike for a race, or just for a ride, fill out the form below. We will check if we have a bike available for you, then we will get in touch!

Cancellation Policy: You have up until 20 days prior to the intial day of rental to cancel. Payment will not be refunded for last minute cancellations. 

***We are no longer accepting rentals for the Escape the Cape Triathlon 2018. We have rented our entire fleet.***

First and Last
If you are not renting for a specific event, you may leave this field blank.
If you are renting for a specific event, please include the date of packet pick-up and the race date. (MM/DD/YYYY)