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Bike to Work!

ide Your Bike To Work This Week!

Support environmentally friendly transportation by bicycling to work. Pedaling is the best pollution-free way to get around; an enjoyable way to make a positive difference; and you’ll arrive at work refreshed and ready to take on the day!


     The City of Northfield would like to provide safer access for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the community. To achieve this goal, the City is working with the State and County to develop a Plan for a future bicycle and pedestrian network linking schools, parks, businesses, neighborhoods, and other areas of interest. The Plan will be used to guide future bicycle and pedestrian projects in Northfield and assist the City in attracting financial assistance to implement bicycle and pedestrian system improvements.The project is funded by New Jersey Department of Transportation – Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs (NJDOT-OBPP) and staffed by Urban Engineers, Inc.  The Project Team wants to hear from you.  Visit them at

People for Bikes!

Every six years, the federal government allocates billions to expand and improve our country’s transportation infrastructure. will use our powerful, united voice to urge U.S. Senators and Congressmen to make new, cost-effective investments in bicycling facilities and programs that will benefit us now and well into the future. To help, please sign the pledge. By uniting we can make our world a High Gear Cyclery Supports People for Bikesbetter place to ride

People for Bikes Challnge


Are You Ready For Bike Month?

Start having fun on your way to work by biking there!During the month of May millions of Americans bicycle because it's a viable and environmentally sound form of transportation, an excellent way to stay fit and healthy, and because it's quality family recreation. Give bicycling a try this month. Bike to work, to the store or just bike for fun!

People For Bikes!

Our Goals

Our Goals

Imagine a place where one bike lane leads to the next. Where trails, bridges, and underpasses lead safely to exactly where you want to go. And regardless of your bicycling experience and fitness, you can pedal smoothly across town. We believe this dream can be a reality, and together with our members, we are making it happen. Here’s how:

Stronger together. By connecting millions of riders in the U.S., we are a single powerful voice for bicycling. Whether you’re a bike commuter, roadie, mountain biker, casual rider, pro-bike business owner, or all of the above, if you’re a person and you enjoy riding a bike, we represent you.

Spread the word. Busy with jobs and families, most people don’t have time to stay on top of issues that affect bicycling. And that’s okay—it’s why we’re here. PeopleForBikes will alert you to issues in your area and make taking action easy.

Riding made simple. The choice to ride a bike is yours. The responsibility to ensure safe and convenient riding opportunities is ours. With our united voice and political clout, we work with city, state, and national decision makers to encourage cost-effective investments in bicycling that will benefit our country now and well into the future.

The hub. All across America, bicycle advocates are building local relationships, growing their communities, and formulating the keys to success for their areas. As a national organization, we work to enhance these efforts by bringing reinforcements, money, inspiration, and positive publicity to local groups.


May is National Bike Month!

Sponsored by the League, National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. Whether you bike to work or school; to save money or time; to preserve your health or the environment; to explore your community or get to your destination, get involved in Bike Month in your city or state — and help get more people in your community out riding too!

Go by Bike

Belleplain Single Track

Belleplain Single Track

The Belleplain Single Track (BST) mountain bike trail was designed to introduce beginners to single track riding as well as offer more technical levels for experienced riders.  The route begins and ends beside the ballfield pavilion just past the Lake Nummy parking area.   204-210 Champion Rd, Woodbine NJ 08270.  The trail is meant to be ridden one way.  Follow the pink-marked stakes which further designate three routes – 1, 2 and 3.  All routes start together, separate along the trail and  rejoin each other as the routes return towards the parking area.


Follow 1 for a 4 mile ride

Follow 2 for a 7 mile ride

Follow 3 for a 10.5 mile ride

Route 1 is designed for beginner riders.  The route follows established fire cuts and dirt trails as well as new route through the woods, but without difficult logs to ride over.  The #1 route separates from #2 and #3 at mile 3.3 and returns to the parking area.  Routes #2 and #3 continue and subsequently become more technical.

Route 2 is the most technical with a challenging segment through a thick canopy of a mountain laurel.  Other features include sections through mature white pine followed by another difficult section through pole-sized white pine.  The ride incorporates numerous logs to either ride over or around.

Routes 2 and 3 divide at mile 4.3 with #3 crossing the wetlands via the East Creek Trail before embarking on 3.5 miles through more open woodlands.  Route 3 returns onto the East Creek Trail to re-cross the wetlands where it rejoins #2.

The course has it’s own unique character.  Special effort was taken to showcase the flora of Belleplain State Forest, especially the mountain laurel.  Make the effort to ride the course around Memorial Day when the mountain laurel is in full bloom.  The trail is intended for mountain biking, hiking or bird watching.

To maintain the trail, the Belleplain Trail Users Group was established.  Days to work on the trail will be scheduled periodically on an as needed basis.  Contact the Belleplain office if you wish to participate in trail maintenance.

Many individuals were involved in efforts to establish the BST, including representatives from Belleplain State Forest, South Jersey Wheelmen, Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association, International Mountain Bicycling Association, interested volunteers and support from Beacon Cycling and Fitness, Northfield; KITnBOB’s, Millville; Mojo Bicycle Shop, Vineland; Randy’s General Store and Bike Shop, Bridgeton; and, Tuckahoe Bike Shop, Tuckahoe.  Please support these local bike shops.

Enjoy the trail!  Helmets are mandatory for children under the age of 17.  Helmets and eye protection are recommended for safety purposes for all riders.

National Bike Challenge: The Benefits of Cycling!

Sign up for the National Bike Challenge!We have 10 million miles to ride; we're going to need your help! Sign up for the National Bike Challenge to track your rides and win great prizes! You'll be competing against riders across the nation to see who can ride the most. Grab your friends and start a team!

National Bike Challenge!

Sign up for the National Bike Challenge!We have 10 million miles to ride; we're going to need your help! Sign up for the National Bike Challenge to track your rides and win great prizes! You'll be competing against riders across the nation to see who can ride the most. Grab your friends and start a team!

Don't Let Federal Funding For Multi-Use Singletrack Get Cut!

Support the Recreational Trails Program (RTP)!The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is the only federal funding source for multi-use singletrack trails. RTP is in grave danger in both chambers of Congress. This week, both the House and Senate are expected to vote on their respective transportation bills. Here's how you can make your voice heard:

Vote YES:
Call your Senator today at 202-224-3121 and ask them to VOTE YES on the Klobuchar amendment to MAP-21, or use this easy email form from the American Motorcyclists Association.

Vote NO:
Call your Representative at 202-225-3121 and ask them to VOTE NO on amendment #230 by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) that will eliminate the Recreational Trails Program.

For more information on RTP and what you can do, please visit IMBA's Recreational Trails Program page.

Please Help Support Cycling Now!

Your voice counts!Unbelievably, Congress is considering eliminating federal funding for biking and walking programs! Bike paths, lanes, trails, and programs such as Safe Routes to School are integral, cost-effective means of transportation and recreation. Please tell your representative to save cycling funding today!

Join The Cycling Movement!

We love to ride. We're guessing you do too. Declare your love of cycling at so we can all enjoy a world that understands, appreciates and supports bicycling.

Do Your Part, Go By Bike!

Make the world a better place. Go By Bike!

Help Save Singletrack!

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is the only federal funds source for multi-use singletrack trails and it's under threat of elimination. Your Senators need to know how important the preservation of singletrack is to you. To learn more about harmful legislation and make your voice heard, please visit IMBA's Recreational Trails Program page.



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