izip Electric Assist Bikes

Currie Technologies®

Currie Technologies® is renowned for its large selection of stylish, premium quality and technologically advanced electric bicycles. Founded in 1997, Currie Technologies has been one of the oldest and most established US developers and distributors of E-Bikes. Backed by a network of dealers nationwide, Currie TechTM offers a selection of models that meets every rider's need for cost-effective transportation alternatives, recreation, exercise and just plain fun

In 2012 the European e-bike market leader, Accell Group N.V., acquired Currie Technologies, and has been instrumental in its significant development in recent years. Currie Tech™ is US operated, and is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and selling the IZIP™ and eZip™ lines of electric bikes and scooters. They offer their own exclusive designs, engineering and technology.

Currie Technologies brings to the market a wide range of electric bicycles and scooters. From entry-level basic bikes to their top of the line performance models, all Currie Tech’s bicycles use the latest, state-of-the-art technology. They offer many different styles, including commuter, comfort and cruiser styling. No other company gives you more choices.

Patented Technology

US and International Patents protect our unique Electro-Drive® propulsion systems. These systems are the backbone of our scooters and bicycles, powering the vehicles with efficient and environmentally-friendly, high performance drive systems for recreation sport or transportation.


Dollar for dollar, Currie Electro-Drive® Scooters and Bicycles offer great value for the consumer. With quality construction, top-rated performance, and a wide variety of products to choose from, Currie products offer you the best overall value.


Out of the box, Currie Electro-Drive® Scooters and Bicycles out-perform the competition! When measured against other electric powered vehicles, our vehicles are designed to have superior acceleration, torque and handling characteristics at a comparable price. Built-to-last, every product we build is produced to rigorous standards with proper care and maintenance. Our products are real vehicles, intended to provide years of service.

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