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Cycling Shoe Cleat Install/Fitting

Basic Cleat to Shoe Installation - $10

Cleat Installation - step 1
Cleat Installation - step 2
Cleat Installation - step 3

R.A.D. Cleat Fitting - $75 

Rotational Adjustment Devices™ are designed for shops that sell clipless bike pedal systems. RADs™ are ingenious devices recognized by cycling technicians, coaches and podiatric professionals as the best and most reliable method for setting the cleat position on the cycling shoe allowing for the rider's natural gait.

Rotational Adjustment Devices

Non-aligned bike cleats can cause rotational stresses on the knee, hip or ankle resulting in:

  1. Difficult entry and exit into the clipless bike pedal system
  2. Premature release from the clipless bike pedal during a sprint on a road bicycle
  3. Premature release from the clipless bike pedal while finessing a mountain bicycle through difficult terrain
  4. Stress related injury to the knee, hip or ankle
R.A.D. Cleat Fitting