BEACON Concierge Service for DELMO Events

        Let BEACON CYCLING take the hassle out of getting your bike to your event, and save money too!

Here is How it Works:  

*  Have your bike shipped to BEACON CYCLING, 231 Tilton Road, Northfield, NJ 08225. We recommend SHIPBIKES.COM or BIKEFLIGHTS.COM At the same time arrange for return ship from BEACON CYCLING and include Return Label in your box.

*  BEACON CYCLING  will assemble and transport your bike to your DELMO venue.

*  A BEACON CYCLING tent will be conveniently located at your DELMO event where you can retrieve your bike.

*  After your event, just bring your bike back to the BEACON CYCLING tent, and we will repack your bike in your box, and using your return shipping label, ship your bike back to you.

Service Fee is $275.00          - HASSLE FREE -

The Details

  *   Your bike must arrive at BEACON CYCLING at least 7 Days Prior to race day!

 *   Your bike must have a return shipping label  printed and enclosed in your box.

 *   We will box and ship your bike back to you within 7 days of your Delmo event.

Additional Information: Contact Mitch Rovins (609) 641-9531 ext. 12


Terms & Conditions-PLEASE READ!

Terms and Conditions

By checking the box on our information form, you agree, warrant and covenant as follows:

You are responsible for delivering your bicycle in such a manner that it will arrive before the designated time or deadline stated by BEACON Cycling for your respective race. You also understand that if your bicycle arrives later than the designated deadline, BEACON Cycling will not be responsible for getting your bicycle to your race.

You understand that you will receive your bicycle before your race in a 'safe-to-ride' condition and but you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your bike and release BEACON Cycling, their employees and agents from any and all liability. You hereby acknowledge and agree that additional tune-up services such as wheel truing, derailleur adjustment, fit adjustment, etc, are not included and may incur an additional fee. 

When you ship your bicycle to us, you (the "Customer") are entering into an agreement with a third party, for the shipping and handling of your equipment until it is delivered to BEACON Cycling. We recommend that you insure your bike up to $4,000.00 through UPS, Fed Ex or another shipping entity. Any damage to your bike from the shipping entity will result in a claim against them filed by you! BEACON Cycling will use all reasonable care to make sure your equipment is kept safe. However, BEACON Cycling will not be liable for any associated damages to the Customer's equipment, including, but not limited to, any loss, delay or damage to goods caused by acts of God, public authorities, strikes, labor disputes, weather, mechanical failures, civil commotion, acts of terrorism, hazards incident to a state of war, acts or omissions of customs, or defects in the goods being shipped. BEACON Cycling will not be liable for damage caused by any third party, consignees, contractors nor any of its agents; nor will BEACON Cycling be liable for any punitive or exemplary damages nor any special, incidental or consequential damages including lost income, profits, interest, or loss of market, whether or not BEACON Cycling had knowledge that such damages might be incurred. Damage claims must be initiated with BEACON Cycling within 14 days of post-race drop off. Please note that you are responsible for providing a return shipping label to be included with your boxed bicycle.

You understand that after your race, you are responsible for returning your bicycle back to BEACON Cycling at the designated location within or prior to the designated time periods. You also understand that if your bicycle is not returned to BEACON Cycling by the designated deadline, BEACON Cycling will not be responsible for shipping your bicycle back to you.

Waiver of Liability/Release-PLEASE READ Before Making A Reservation!


Waiver of Liability/Release: You understand and agree that events carry certain inherent dangers and risks which may or may not be readily foreseeable, including without limitation personal injury, property damage or death. You hereby release BEACON Cycling, its agents, affiliates, employees, and representatives, and you further hereby waive any and all claims of any and all kinds, including but not limited to: damages of personal injury or property damage that may arise in conjunction with the loading, shipping and unloading of your equipment, and/or the activities and events described herein. Your ability to participate in the event(s) is/are subject to your agreement to the waivers and releases, and by agreeing herein, you accept and agree to the terms of the waiver and release agreements by checking yes on our reservation form.

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